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e-neighbourhood watch scheme

FROM: Paul Batley

What NEED does this meet?
Have a site where people can register say a mobile and the address and then anyone in the neighbourhood can login and warn their neighbour & the Police of any impending woodby criminal on the prowl..

What is the APPROACH?
Keep the login to a local level.. Say a village.. You could then set up an SMS service from the community website so people can contact neighbours etc in emergencies.. You could even have community messageboard & SMS Broadcasts about the community.

What are the BENEFITS to people?
Brings everyone online in your village or neighbourhood closer by making them more contactable...

What is the COMPETITION?
None that I'm aware of..

What BUDGET & LOGISTICS are required?
Well.. I'm a programmer and I don't think the SMS services and server would be of a great expense.. Even get the likes of Blue Chip companies involved setting up equipment etc...

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Think a national e-neighbourhood scheme with the ability to only see your local area is an excellent idea

My local community site has something similar but it is very small scale with only a few users - Our local police officer enters crimes, suspicious activity, details of bogus callers etc on a message board but, using SMS as well would be a lot more effective.

Think this would be great for missing or snatched children.
Subscribers in the local area could be sent text messages with a description of the children, and other useful information, such as a number to ring if they see anything. This would be much faster than waiting for people to read about it the next day or see it on the news.

Maybe expand it to...

Give people advice on crime prevention, local police numbers and other useful information.
Maybe a recovered property database?
Photo fit pictures, like some police sites have?

Posted by: pdh at Nov 1, 2003 2:23:56 PM

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