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Evolutionary Policy Thinktank

FROM: William Knight

What NEED does this meet?
Government and local government policy seems to be created in secret rooms behind closed doors. What options have been considered? What ideas were dismissed and for what reason? I suggest an open, encyclopedic, repository of ideas categorised not only by policy area. e.g. Tax, Transport, enviromnent, Health, but by other user-defined categories e.g. Pets, Pollution, fair-trade so that cross-department ideas can be established.

What is the APPROACH?
The plan is to move away from single-issue ideas and to encourage "joined up" thinking on policy. To show the evolution of a concept from inception to legislation and be able to search for far reaching consequences of the concept.

What are the BENEFITS to people?
Visibility of policy decisions, a chance to influence the way our society is run and publicity for Government decision making.

What is the COMPETITION?
An american based thinktank: http://www.centrists.org/ exists and a number of think tanks (or rather websites) for single issues are up and running.

This idea is bigger, bolder, impressive use of technology to bind incohesive decision making and policy evolution into a resource of ideas for now and the future.

What BUDGET & LOGISTICS are required?
The software technology is available- datawharehouse applications linked to a search and edit website front end.

The difficulty is in publicising and then populating the database - achieving council/government buy in. Without their support the ideas will be irrelevant.

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I am Knowledge Manager at Demos, an independent think tank already in existence. I like this idea and would happily participate in a brainstorm on how to make it happen.

Posted by: Jessica Symons at Nov 1, 2003 7:19:59 PM

Damn. This is in essence my idea. You beat me to it.
So I congratulate you, although I partially dispute your closing statement.
If enough people take an interest in such a vehicle, i.e. it becomes popular, the politicians will make themselves irrelevant as is always the case when they ignore poular issues.

I don't know what I can do to help materialise this idea, but I would be delighted to assist.

Posted by: Mike at Nov 2, 2003 12:46:01 AM

There is already a website that allows people to create their own policies and form their own political power base - www.virtual-politics.com. This site is as fun or serious as its users make it. Currently in beta, there are lots of ideas as to how this can be extended to serve a real need in the UK.

Posted by: Dave Meehan at May 4, 2004 9:56:58 AM

Keep working!

Posted by: alen delon at Jun 27, 2007 5:38:42 AM

Nice site!

Posted by: Joebq at Jul 4, 2007 4:18:40 PM