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Expat Voters

FROM: Simon Pleasants

What NEED does this meet?
There are expatriates from all countries all over the world. Many of them are -- or could be -- eligible to vote in their homeland. It's just that there is no one place for them to visit where they can: (1) find out about their eligibility and how to vote -- whether it's online (unlikey) or at a consulate, or if they have to fly 'home'; (2) register to vote -- either on line or by snail; (3) find out about political party policies 4. communicate with candidates and party reps - asynchronous via email, and live via chat sessions

What is the APPROACH?
Plan: Database driven website. Information clearing house for elections Tailored specifically to expats Visitors register (email address and physical location)for email updates political parties pay to advertise. Approach is unique. Nobody else in the world is doing it. Yet it is likely to succeed, given the relative youth, affluence and global outlook of the primary market.

What are the BENEFITS to people?
(1) Democratic enablement and re-enfranchisement in a globalising world. (2) Increased relevance and communication by political parties, with people they have not before been able to reach with any degree of efficiency. (3) Cool!

What is the COMPETITION?
None. Governments and political parties around the world are only just getting switched on to the idea that they can benefit from communicating effectively with expats. There are no other websites around that are set up to exploit the possibilities of the new environment as it opens up.

What BUDGET & LOGISTICS are required?
I've no idea on the money side of things. I'm a 'concept' type person. Database-driven websites are not cheap, expecially ones that could get huge. However, good money could be made in sponsorship and advertising on the back of the intensity of focus that comes sweeping along with an election.

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with all the worries in the US at the moment re eVoting I suspect this would have quite a few hurdles before the votes where accepted online.
As a registration / tracking (eg making absentee ballot papers available as PDFs) it would at least be able to get some momentumn

Posted by: Jeremy E Cath at Oct 31, 2003 10:30:53 AM

Why should an ex-pat have the right to vote in an election in a country they have left? No representation without taxation, and I don't see ex-pats in sunny Spain paying much council tax or VAT to the UK treasury.

Posted by: David Harrison at Nov 2, 2003 7:07:07 PM

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