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FROM: Michael Scott

What NEED does this meet?
The need to improve the visual enviroment. Everyone knows an eyesore when they see one.

What is the APPROACH?
A website that enables people to post pictures of eyesores. A zoomable UK map provides a view of eyesore density. Areas are singled out as prime offenders. Notifications are sent to responsible parties. Comments, positive and negative ratings, additional photographs can be applied to eyesores by website visitors. Kudos can be accrued to eyesore removers. An eyesore can be anything from a permanently unemptied rubbish bin at your local bus stop to a hideous corporate skyline blocker. The sole restrictions would be that it has to be photographed and publicly visible.

What are the BENEFITS to people?
The website would give a central place to let off steam, and perhaps shame some offenders into removing, or at least rectifying, some of the more conspicuous eyesores. Also, as "eyesore" is a relative term, there would be a light hearted, "it takes all sorts" side to the website which would make browsing fun.

What is the COMPETITION?
No competition as far as I can see. Collaboration would likely come from the media, who would see it as a source of human interest stories, and architectural associatons, who would see it as a platform for promoting informed opinion.

What BUDGET & LOGISTICS are required?
Basically just another photo database website with some specific user interactive features. As a software developer, with 8 years website experience, I would be happy to put it together myself with a small team. Photo and comment vetting would be an issue, though perhaps a wiki-like approach would be sufficient in most cases.

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