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good cause database

FROM: iain hughes

What NEED does this meet?
Various charities /organisations/ local community schemes that help people out (including this one) often need the odd job doing by people such as training, painting, building, labouring designing etc...

propose a good cause website database that allows organisations to ask for people to either volunteer (or a token amount)

What is the APPROACH?
a web site! that once an organisation has registered - allows them to manually update work needed, perhaps another database of helpers or companies that participate, could be possible

What are the BENEFITS to people?
allows people to do charity/ volunteer work easier

What is the COMPETITION?
there is plenty of directories of charities, but none for actual work - this idea may be extended beyond charities to local community schemes

What BUDGET & LOGISTICS are required?
just the usual web database/ graphics and a bit of marketing

October 31, 2003 in Connecting People, Giving stuff away, Matching System, NGO Tools | Permalink


very similar to my idea earlier titled "professional hands, the charity work tool" good to hear someone is thinking along the same lines. Could you please get in touch and we may be able to develop this even further!! my email adress is

flobble_1 at yahoo dot com

thanks and hope to hear from you soon


Posted by: pete at Oct 31, 2003 1:58:52 PM

(oops my second post on here, not trying to dash anyones ideas, just trying to promote a service that a lot of people work hard on and needs more funding for marketing)

try http://www.doit.org.uk, quick and advanced search

Posted by: Matt Wilson at Oct 31, 2003 2:48:37 PM

Two types of ideas keep being posted, which maybe could be combined to make
both work.
The first idea is of online payments, which has the problem of
how anyone gets the funny money so they can spend it, and how anyone accepting
it in payment can expect to purchase goods or services with a real world value.
The second idea is that we need a way of matching the skills of volunteers
with the needs of charities. Maybe volunteers and sponsors could donate funny
money to the organisation of their choice, and display a sign that they accept
funny money. The charities would use the funny money to buy the services they
need whether that is an unskilled teenager for addressing envelopes, or an
accountant to certify their books. The funny money would be spent at businesses
which accept it to cancel the debt which they have made by donating, or know
that members of staff or their lawyers or plumber will accept it. In this
way volunteers can donate the thing which they do best and charities can
receive the best at what they need.

Posted by: Ian at Nov 1, 2003 9:22:46 PM

I am building a free website where people can suport charities just by clicking on checkboxes after they filled in their profile. You can find this website here :


When there are enough people who support a certain cause, a letter with all names who support on it will be send to places where it has influence. I am looking for people who want to help collect suitable charities.
If you are interested, drop me a line :


Posted by: p.b. plugge at Feb 10, 2004 5:45:59 PM