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Lifestyle Organiser

FROM: Derry Birkett

What NEED does this meet?
In the world of internet, data is everywhere but information is not. What I propose is an small website or application that gathers local information relevant to one's aims into one place. e.g. If someone is interested in sustainable development they will login to that section and the sustainable development community will present itself to that person by means of contacts, local events, literature, websites, etc. thereby facilitating entry into said area.

What is the APPROACH?
The plan is to link local people to other local people with the same ideas and facilitating the community's growth and interaction by providing a centralised information centre highlighting events and movements by which each member can learn, develop and contribute.

The approach is distinctive by its localised nature. Turning vague ideas and hopes into realisable goals by the presence of other members and events in the same geographical area.

What are the BENEFITS to people?
Each person will have access to relevant information aimed to facilitate their integration into their chosen area, be it literature, art, environment or whatever. The idea is to gather relevant information and deliver it to interested party.

What is the COMPETITION?
A similar service is www.upmystreet.com but it lacks a community depth and is not providing the same information.

What BUDGET & LOGISTICS are required?
The project is relatively straightforward and fairly low cost. A dynamic website would be a start; linking similar entities (organisational or personal) into one centralised container. This could be acheived through an extranet, allowing each entity to contribute it's information to a targeted audience.

Diffuculty level is low. The development is straightforward, requiring few people and little resources.

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You are doing a wonderful job, just love the site!!!
There is always more information out there.
Thanks for the good informationen.

Posted by: goerge fild at Jun 27, 2004 4:32:36 PM


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