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Recycled PC component clearing house

FROM: Paul

What NEED does this meet?
A number of charities exist (mostly small local ones) which collect obsolete PC equipment from business which are then rebuild and prepped and minimal cost to donate to other local schooles libraries and charities. These charities generally work in isolation and have no method of cooperating with their counterparts in other regions to share excesses of components or completed machines, or make up shortfalls of particular types of component.

What is the APPROACH?
A small web forum or similar online community would almost certainly improve the efficiency of local PC recycling charities. While many of the existing local charities could easily set up such a community themselves, the process of confirming the charitable status and trustworthiness of members is time-consuming and fraught with difficulties. A trusted third party able and willing to administer such a community is needed.

What are the BENEFITS to people?
More 'free' PCs for local schools, libraries and charities. Less PC equipment ending up in landfill or requiring long-term storage by local charities.

What is the COMPETITION?
Not much really - a number of meta-charities exist, but these are largely devoted to making the process of locating charities to donate to simpler. Online services to encourage the cooperation of local charities between regions seem to be lacking.

What BUDGET & LOGISTICS are required?
Initial setup of a simple community forum and web site should cost less than £3000 and required six weeks voluntary effort from a suitable technician - nothing fancy is required. Maintainence cost should be less than £1000/year.

Add to this perhaps one or two volunteers willing to donate 5-10 hours/week to administer the community and locate and encourage the cooperation of suitable local charities.

October 31, 2003 in Connecting People, Giving stuff away, Matching System, NGO Tools | Permalink


this would be awesome. Would also be good if it could track complete PCs for donation / requesting... we recently where trying to find a good cause to donate 6 old PCs to (where even willing to take the time to install a basic Linux/OpenOffice/Ximain setup on them) but... couldn't find someone willing to collect for a good cause (ended up donating to a local youth club)

Posted by: Jeremy E Cath at Oct 31, 2003 10:25:51 AM