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Teachers Shared Notes

FROM: Benedict Walmisley

What NEED does this meet?
This proposal will help teachers - our teachers in the UK are terminally overworked and each one has to prepare their own set of notes on a particular topic. The goverment doesn't encourage teachers to work together and the teaching unions directly oppose any form of cooperation.

This tends to penalise poor teachers as they may lack the skills/time to do the research to produce adequate notes.

What is the APPROACH?
What I have in mind is a basic peer reviewed website. At its most basic this could easily be a wiki website. Each course segment would have its own page.

Any teacher would be free to add or change content, any teacher would be able to download, printout data etc for free.

What are the BENEFITS to people?
This will save significant amounts of time and let teachers pool their resources.

All this needs is for ONE teacher to prepare proper notes for a course segment and ALL the other teachers can benefit.

Plus this would automatically introduce a element of peer review. If someone has Caesars invasion of Britain in 1066 then someone else will be able see this and fix this with a minimum of fuss.

What is the COMPETITION?
There is no competition specifically for teachers - there is the wikipedia but no uk teachers have established a foothold their yet.

What BUDGET & LOGISTICS are required?
Very low cost if using the wiki - the major cost would be raising teacher awareness. It would just need a reasonable web server.

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My mum's a teacher and I'd like to be a teacher in the future. Any idea to reduce workload for teachers is a good one - they work non-stop and end up so stressed out when they're actually teaching that they do a poor job.

One problem is that teachers that I've met often try and steer clear of technology because in-school IT departments are poor and computer use is stressful and prone to failure partly because of this.

Of course what we also need is to enable schools to sack bad teachers - there are just too many of them, and at least having the ability to sack them would help improve their performance. And I'm not just/mainly talking of bad academic performance here - I'm referring more to bad teaching practices etc.

Posted by: Jake at Oct 31, 2003 10:27:45 AM

Isn't this a similar idea to:



Posted by: Dan Zambonini at Oct 31, 2003 10:47:03 AM

Sounds like an Idea, but there are 80,000 + teachers. Assuming you have the majority interested, how will the data on the website be checked for accuracy, and kept up to date? The database would grow to be extremly large, meaning more storage capacity. This will increase costs.

Its a good project, but a very large one, with a very large target audience. Might need some cash to get going :P

Also, what form would data be submitted in? text, graphics, video, presentations etc...?


Posted by: John Payne at Oct 31, 2003 11:16:42 AM

"There is no competition specifically for teachers - there is the wikipedia but no uk teachers have established a foothold their yet."

Perhaps learning proper english would a good start, before you even get to the application design etc.

Posted by: Mike at Nov 2, 2003 12:36:59 AM

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