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A forum for exchange of historical geopolitical information.

FROM: Paul Jensen

What NEED does this meet?
It is currently difficult to find information which aids comprehension of how things are changing within different countries - like income levels, health care, education, or consumption or production of food, arms, etc. Although a good deal of information is available it is usually not in a form that invites study and comparison.

For example, a question like "how is the distribution of income changing in Asian countries compared to European countries?" requires hunting up the information from a variety of sources, then trying to discern the trends, and then creating additional information to convey the analysis.

I'd like to see a forum created for sharing historical geopolitical information in a form that allows everyone to use the data and create their own data files to share in a manner similar to the way a digital music file can be created and shared now.

What is the APPROACH?
Historical information for a given quantity can be represented by a standard spreadsheet with a few common headings - like the attributes available for music files - that allow tools to visualize the information and compute new spreadsheets. For a geopolitical time series, a matrix of the statistic over time and across countries is appropriate.

Tools can then be written to combine several of these into other forms - using the population of each country and the total income for each country to compute per capita income, for example.

There also needs to be a variety of ways to view the information. Seeing the per capita income dynamically change on a animated map, for example, allows overall trends to be quickly grasped.

What are the BENEFITS to people?
Having easy ways of exchanging information that is essential to making informed decisions would likely spur more interest and involvement in decisions that impact all of us.

What is the COMPETITION?
There are lots of the pieces around, and lots of data. But the exchange forms that make wide use possible are not currently available. I know of no Napster-like forum for this type of information.

What BUDGET & LOGISTICS are required?
I have a prototype tool now in place at called Time and Place along with a small collection of files.

What is primarily needed are some great ideas of how to create a forum for this information and how to categorize it for ease of sharing (Genre, Title, Author, etc.). Formalizing the exchange standard is the only task that has wide impact on the other things that need to be done.

Innovative tools are also needed, such as an animated map display. Once a few basic tools are available, these tools can be created, tried, discarded, and new ideas explored. The nice part about this type of forum is that with an exchange standard in place, the work can be done independently with little need to coordinate.

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The prototype application called 'Time and Place' mentioned in the last section is located at:


Posted by: Paul Jensen at Nov 1, 2003 4:56:36 PM

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