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Aftercare notes for GPs.

FROM: David Harrison

What NEED does this meet?
Once a GP has diagnosed a complaint, they will advise patients of various things they should and shouldn't do, but the patient may forget before they have even got home.

What is the APPROACH?
An online/CD-ROM-distrubuted database of aftercare notes for most conditions and illnesses, each written in simple language without medical jargon, with diagrams/photos where needed (for moles, exercises etc). Once a diagnosis is made, the GP prints off the prescription as they do now, and then prints off the aftercare notes. At the base of each are automatically added contact numbers and details for support groups local to the area in which the patient lives, relating to their condition. For the elderly, the font can be larger, and the notes can be printed in foreign languages as easily as in English.

What are the BENEFITS to people?
GPs can be sure that every patient gets detailed aftercare advice that they don't forget, and is informed of all relevant local support groups.

What is the COMPETITION?
It is much better than relying on an out of date home medical manual and self-diagnosis, or upon a telephone service like NHS Direct. The service supplies accurate information, chosen by your GP, for you and your condition. It can be printed out in any language, and local support groups can insert their own details on to the system, that will then automatically appear on local GPs aftercare notes. The information on the notes can easily be updated to conform with best practice.

What BUDGET & LOGISTICS are required?
A doddle. The service can be run privately, and operate globally, taking a small subscription to allow access, or run by the NHS free-to-use for all NHS GPs, and for a small subscription to private/non-UK GPs. Free access should be offered to those working for medical charities/in developing countries.

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