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cycling road users feedback form


What NEED does this meet?
Cyclist frustrations of 'that's a really irritating pole in the middle of the cycle path' and 'that cycle path is useless without double yellow lines', 'that's a really scary stretch as a cyclist' are all unlikely to have most cyclists calling up the local council complaints.

Making it easy allows greater numbers of cyclists to comment, and in doing gives a better picture of the problem spots, and problem types. It also gives opportunity for constructive feedback and suggestions.

What is the APPROACH?
User says WHERE the problem is, and WHAT the problem/suggestion is.

The site however is only the data-collector: someone needs to want to see the data. Hopefully this would be the local authority responsible for the roads, and then they would act accordingly. Failing that the cycle campaigning groups. Or perhaps preferably: both.

Using intersections, or road and house numbers, combined with existing street map engines would enable the automatic collation of nearby complaints: this is an important function in making the data easily accessible to those who have to deal with it.

What are the BENEFITS to people?
As said above, many people might fill in a well-sign posted website and not call the council.

Hopefully: results in terms of the worst offending places dealt with, AND better knowledge and expertise in councils when they design future road use.

What is the COMPETITION?
If there are: they need better advertising.

What BUDGET & LOGISTICS are required?
Hopefully similar engines exist,and need only tweaking to fit.

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Yippeee. Finally someone who see's cyclists as victims and not the problem. Cyclle paths are a nightmare, full of glass and councils see it wise to putting signs in the middle. Car's often ignore cycle paths and parka nd drive in them. Something which hasn't been mentioned is the fact the a LOT of cars stop in the special cycle bit at traffic lights. The police and local authorites are just as bad as drivers, so something like this is needed to bring people together and provide cyclists with a stronger voice. And just so people can't moan at me for being a bl**dy cyclist, I have been cycling for over 13 years, I haev always followed the highway code, and am myself a driver so there is no excuse its just laziness./*rant over*/

Posted by: chris brown at Nov 7, 2003 5:26:48 PM