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Development Resource Tool

FROM: Stu Smith

What NEED does this meet?
I serve on a variety of boards and organizations in the not for profit community that produce special events to raise funds and awareness of the mission and achievements of these agencies, and each event requires building all the resources from scratch. I've always dreamed of having a database tool that could be a sliding scale subscription type resource available to all not for profits and the providers of goods and services they connect with to produce these events.

What is the APPROACH?
To build an online interactive subscription database resource that small not for profits could access for goods and services necessary to produce their special events.

What are the BENEFITS to people?
Almost every not for profit has some form of a development officer or team that devotes most of their time to creating and managing special events to raise funds and awareness, to attract media attention, recruit volunteers and board members and to build ongoing relationships that keep their work known to the community they serve and are part of.

What is the COMPETITION?
I've seen a faltering endeavor called SFGoodworks.com but the founder says he ran out of money. I'd love to find something already in use so I could forget my idea and use theirs.

What BUDGET & LOGISTICS are required?
I imagine the initial costs would be building an effective interactive database and beta testing it. I don't know the costs, but I know that programmers need to be paid and there are costs for creating a legal entity, building a model and launching it. My hope is that some company might be interested in a grant for development.

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