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FROM: Dr Mark O'Connor

What NEED does this meet?
The need for navigational aid by a trusted professional through the huge amount of information that the internet provides - specifically for medicine but could extend to other professional groups

What is the APPROACH?
Concept is that A) All doctors ( or any professional type) have a general knowledge base but also A UNIQUE one based upon their particular interests and perhaps particular unique doctor-patient interaction B) each professional could be a node of information C) the internet provides a unique way of connecting these nodes with the benefit of individuals woith meidcal needs gaining from this nodal connection of knowledge. D)Most professionals could offer a few minutes at some point over a long time frame

What are the BENEFITS to people?
Good high quality advice based upon not just academic analyses of evidence but real sense of community and personal involvement with on line professional

What is the COMPETITION?
fee for service sites offering a doctor's advice - however this is a narrow, walled garden approach

My idea is essentially altruistic but hopefully would be not onerous as it beocmes a community sharing advice over a wide variety of topic areas - takers in one domain could become givers in another

What BUDGET & LOGISTICS are required?
see http://www.docinbox.com/ Non profit making, non advertising site based purely on altruism ( well I enjoy coding and wanted a project to be honest ) and would gladly give the site away for a project which made it more robust and professional

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