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GP = Great Practitioner

FROM: Derek C Barton

What NEED does this meet?
A one click approach towards putting local communities in the driving seat when confirming an appointment with there local GP. A database of all appointments reserved and available will be accessible online and with standalone computer devices situated around the city or local towns.

What is the APPROACH?
Allow the public to pick there appointments with there local GP. With the help of a home based PC or a standalone monitor located in various populated areas with a database of all GP's within a certain mileage. Here is a scenario:-

Mary gets up on a typical Saturday morning and expects to have a busy day. Her children want to go shopping with there mother and Mary’s husband is expected at the weekly golf tournament.

Unfortunately Mary's mother is feeling a little under the weather and agrees she should see a doctor on Monday. With Mary's schedule of the day it is unlikely she will have time to call a surgery as it may be closed over the weekend, and it is less likely she will remember on Monday because Mary will be in work.

While Mary is shopping with her children she can stop at her local BookAGP module, and select the GP her family is registered to. While doing this Mary can see a list of appointments available and times and which doctor she will likely see on the day. Mary can have the choice of inputting how serious her mother’s condition is and select a priority call is things are a little more serious then a check up.

This could also be done from the comfort of her home with the use of the internet or interactively on digital television services like OPEN, SKY, BBCi

What are the BENEFITS to people?
The BookAGP modules and real time databases will kill allot of the time needed to book a general appointment with any medical professional. BookAGP can fit both private and NHS patients alike all at the touch of a few very simple buttons. If a medical case is looking to get nasty, an emergency button can be accessed to locate the emergency on call doctor or in some cases ambulance. This of course seems open to be abused however the full proof way around it is to only allow the system to be finalised with those patients who are issued with a security password like those issued in banks.

What is the COMPETITION?
I have not yet seen any system that can offer the various services above. However I have seen emergency modules situated around various cities, however it is very simple and a large red button that must be abused dozens of times a night.

What BUDGET & LOGISTICS are required?
The database and online connectivity is very cheap, a dedicated server to power the system would be required and depending on how successful the idea is those servers could later be upgraded with no loss of information. The highest cost would be the computer modules, however to gain that cost back BookAGP could be linked in with local telephone booths. Administration charges for issuing the security numbers and registration should be very low. The cost to the user will be the biggest benefit. All users will be charged £1 for the service however NHS patients will be entitled to a full refund of there money when arriving at the GP's surgery.

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A version of this is already being developed and we are testing it for one of the major UK GP suppliers. Internet GP booking

Posted by: Tim at Nov 3, 2003 9:51:53 AM

Such a service is already available and in use at several practices - see www.GPUK.net

Posted by: Simon at Nov 12, 2003 11:47:09 PM