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FROM: Alex Lawrie

What NEED does this meet?
Hopefully saving lives. HazNet would benfit everyone on the planet, one life saved is worth a million man hours. There are many hazards in life that people can, and have, stumbled into unprepaired which has lead to a loss of life... gas leaks, motorway pileups, riots, chemical hazards, industral explosions, radition hazards, major fires, police incidents, natural disasters, forest fires and ultimately, god forbid, biological/chemical warfare.

What is the APPROACH?
the project is 100% open source with *no* commercial intrest. Users can download a client application, which will alert them to any potentionally life theating indedents in thier area, the user configures the client to thier location, which is down to state/county level, and the client will only alert them to indedents that are relevent to thier area.

the alerts are generated by 'information providers'. Information providers are
organizations that have registered with HazNet and, after heavy vetting, can generate alerts which are distributed to clients in the area that the alert affects. The incentive for information providers is that the alerts will contain referances to them. I would invisage the Information providers to be the likes of Utility Companies, Motoring Organizations, Goverment Agencies, News Agencies.

What are the BENEFITS to people?
Hopefully it would save lifes, if people have prewarning of a potentially life threating situation, they would avoid it.

What is the COMPETITION?
there is no such multi agency service.

What BUDGET & LOGISTICS are required?
The client and Information Providers techonolgies are allready built but there is still some development work required to make the system multi platform, and the information providers registery still needs to be designed. What the programme requires is exposure.

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