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mysociety.org revamp

FROM: Alex Lawrie

What NEED does this meet?
mysociety.org is a superb project, and the creators have my upmost respect, but IMHO the proposal system could be, and needs to be, vastly imporved in a short space of time.

What is the APPROACH?
I *really* want to see this project work and, initally, I think the site could be vastly improved with:

1) an indexed, searchable proposal system. IMHO under the current system, proposals that are over a day old will not stimlate comments as proposals drop off the recent list very quickly and it is quite painful to browse the archived proposals.

2) a user registration system, this would allow people to edit thier propsals, allow me to correct my bad spelling ;) and allow users to publish thier desire to be involved in a project and what they could bring to a project (ala sourceforge or freshmeat).

What are the BENEFITS to people?
think this ones a no brainer.

What is the COMPETITION?

What BUDGET & LOGISTICS are required?
well I am willing to do most of the work on this one, I could get a decent propsal database and the user registration system built in a few days, I have 8 years experance as a web developer, but I would need the help of a decent web designer to do the window dressing as I have the design skills of a blind hamster... any volunteers?

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May I add another suggestion. I've made two proposals in the system. The largest
garnered exactly one comment.

There is a need for the ability to proposal authors to answer queries from those who comment
on their proposal. In this way proposal quality would be enhanced as it is subjected to
peer review.

Posted by: Paul at Nov 1, 2003 6:22:57 PM

How about using the Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.org) software to make ideas editable. Wikipedia would also be useful in allowing multiple schemes of listing/categorising ideas.

Posted by: Phil Hunt at Nov 1, 2003 6:46:43 PM

it would also be nice if there was some way of listing an idea as breing similar to another idea, allowing the proponents of the ideas to collaborate.

Posted by: Phil Hunt at Nov 1, 2003 6:50:56 PM

Would using Slashdot as a model help? It could let ideas to drift to the top and enable users to select the level of interest they want. If a dedicated cadre of advisors could be assigned status within the system they could assess projects for a number of factors (for example, I note that legal queries have been raised for many project ideas, something a charitably minded soul with legal understanding could comment on, even if they cannot give legal advice), this might also enable projects to move to the next stage more easily.

Posted by: Tim Aldrich at Nov 18, 2003 1:25:49 PM

I'd be interested in the 'window dressing' I am an experienced designer in this area, and great ideas should be presented via a well thought out and intuitive user interface!

Posted by: Stephanie Fletcher at Dec 2, 2003 10:52:56 AM