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The Source to Out Out-Sourcers

FROM: Andy Button

What NEED does this meet?
Within the UK economy a large number of corporations are moving work overseas as quietly and transparently as possible. People want to prevent this but no-one really knows how, on company accounts it looks great and those cuts in credit card interest rates look so appealing.

The jobs being lost are British jobs, this isn't about race but people want to do something and need accurate information about who provides a service while still managing to employ British people.

What is the APPROACH?
At the very least there needs to be a mailing list to inform people about companies that move jobs overseas.

An anonymous account/product checker that can analyse your accounts/products telling you who is out-sourcing and offers suggestions of alternative accounts/products that are comparable but employ in the UK.

As a further step it would be ideal if visitors could add their support to an online petition for active lobbying of parliament and/or petitions to the board of offending companies.

A review section of the site could reward companies that are open about their stance against out-sourcing and to keep subscribers up to date about companies who have brought work back into Britain.

What are the BENEFITS to people?
Most people care about the future of their jobs and would appreciate some assurance that their job is not going to be given to lower paid staff overseas.

The only way to give people this power is to coordinate their opinions into a market force that can dissuade companies from choosing the easy option.

What is the COMPETITION?
I know of no similar services.

What BUDGET & LOGISTICS are required?
The front end of the web service would be relatively inexpensive with obviuosly the bare minimum of a mailing list being the ultimately scaleable solution.

I would very much like to see the account/product checker functionality implemented and the obvious solution is to use affiliates. I do, however, think that the policy for choosing affiliates would need to be strict as subject such as web site advertising should be appropriate to the message the service is providing.

Longer term, the site should maintain it's own database of products and services to provide an unbiased view.

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How about you study economics before you attempt to explain theories of international trade.

Posted by: Economist at Nov 2, 2003 3:15:12 AM

The trouble with naming and shaming of companies is that they may have better lawyerse
than any small company would have and this is the problem with such sites. Companies will
have a tendency to be defensive when faced with bad publicity.

Posted by: Paul at Nov 2, 2003 3:00:47 PM