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Car parking made easy

FROM: Edward Riley

What NEED does this meet?
Does away with purchasing car parking tickets/ feeding parking meters. No need to remember to "pay and display" or "pay on exit" or worry about traffic wardens. Frees up time, reduces fines, saving administrative costs and personal aggravation.

What is the APPROACH?
Creation of a smartcard payment system (existing technology exists, and costs little) compatible with all car parks/ parking meters (here's your obstacle). User would either pre- or post-pay onto the card, which is then swiped on entry/exit of parking, and voila, the user is billed.
Better than credit/debit card as (a)not everyone has one (b)not everyone wants to use one for this (for practicality and security).
Extension to parking meters; again, either swiped or a displayed badge / RFID token to identify user.

What are the BENEFITS to people?
No need to worry about having loose change No need to be aware of differing ticketing/ parking restrictions No needless tickets = less litter = less wasted paper = green benefits Efficient system - time saving and small administrative cost burden
Existing technology and infrastructure (smartcards and parking machines exist)

What is the COMPETITION?
As far as I'm aware, no similar device exists. Could be extended to residency parking permits (RFID tag idea as above). Unifies a currently complex and fragmented system (nationally, councils, organisations, others have varying ticketing demands/ systems). Could be extended internationally.

What BUDGET & LOGISTICS are required?
Relatively inexpensive longterm, considering the revenue stream already exists, the infrastructure etc. is already in place and the need is growing: more cars = more parking = more money.

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I think it's a good idea in terms of convenience for someone who's already found a parking spot. Municipalities would also spend less revenue on parking enforcement. I've considered the very same idea and come up with two problems:

1. I believe that expired parking meters are a significant source of revenue for many cities. It will take a lot of support from concerned citizens to shut down that money maker.

2. It was once explained to me that technically speaking, parking meteres were originally intended to indicate how long a car has been parked in a spot and that the person is supposed to move the car when the meter expires making room for another car to park. If you are parked in a 30 minute meter, it's because you're only allowed to stay there for 30 minutes before moving your car. This was to promote turnover in high parking density areas. Of course, the world doesn't work that way, so perhaps there's room for this idea after all....


Posted by: Philip F at Feb 3, 2004 7:46:15 PM

hi nice site.

Posted by: jay at Sep 6, 2004 12:41:34 PM

I have the perfect solution for you... why not try an In Car Parking Meter?

Cheap to operate, easy to check, no risk of vandalism because they are inside the car, pay for as long as you park and good source of revenue for the municipality. They do enjoy getting the parking fines and it is considerable revenue for them, but the advance payment received from Smart Park makes up for it.

It is already available in over 30 universities, hospitals and municipalities - why not give it a go? http://ganis-systems.blogspot.com/

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